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Publishing and Developer Services

Launching games is difficult, but it's even harder to launch your game in a foreign market.


Westgate Games is dedicated to making this process easier, more affordable, and more predictable. We offer a variety of products and services tailored to the East-Asian independent developer looking to launch their game in the Western market.

Customized to Your Needs

PC Marketplace

Plus9 isn't just a game store; we're a community with a mission to support the East-Asian Game Development scene in bringing games West!

Publishing Services

Westgate Games offers a suite of services tailored to developers looking to publish their games in the West!

Westgate SDK

The Westgate SDK gives your team a headstart when launching on ALL kinds of marketplaces -- not just ours!

Distribute Your Game on Plus9!

Better Rev-Share

We're focused on making Western launches more financially viable for international developers and helping you keep more of the proceed from your sales is a huge first step. Westgate Games offers a generous revenue share to developers who choose to publish on the Plus9 marketplace that matches or beats most Western marketplaces.

Tailored Western Audience

Unlike other Western marketplaces, Plus9 is targeted directly to fans of games originating in East Asia, or showcasing an Asian influence. By catering to these enthusiasts, we believe that over time we will command the most well-qualified audience for your games.

Improved Discoverability

Westgate Games' editorial showcase, wiki-based suggestions and enthusiast-focused experiences will power your games into the hearts and minds of the users who are most likely to purchase.

No Lock-In

We're not trying to lock you in -- we set you up to succeed everywhere! Westgate's backend technology integrates well with all the biggest Western marketplaces on PC and beyond empowering you to manage your game's users and data from a platform that invests in your broader goals.

How Can Westgate Games Help You Self-Publish?


+ Go-to-Market Strategy

+ Live Service

+ Social Media

+ Performance Marketing

+ Community Management

+ Influencers

+ Product Management

+ Customer Support

+ Network Operations

+ Localization


+ Platform Communication

+ Creative Resources

+ Console Certifications

+ Vender Management

+ PR

+ Marketing

+ Live Events

+ Ad Buys

+ Platform Integrations

+ Ratings Submission

The Westgate SDK is Multi-Platform Ready!


Our platform and SDK are powered by Accelbyte, an industry leader in backend game platforms.

Integration is simple and unlocks all Western PC, mobile, and console platforms  - not just Plus9!


Unreal4 and Unity ready.


Check out the technical documentation at docs.accelbyte.io or download the SDK today!

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